Vogel Traffic Services is here to show you the way. Even the smallest glare from a far-off lighthouse can provide much-needed direction to the weary sailor who has lost their way in the night. Our commitment at Vogel Traffic Services is to provide you with the same kind of safety and direction. We are there alongside you, through every inch of your journey, guiding the way and providing comfort both day and night.


EZ Liner builds some of the most dependable, innovative, and hardworking striping equipment available. Whether you’re in the market for a walk-behind striper that will mark an airfield or a large long-line highway striper, EZ Liner offers products that will tackle the job with simplicity, efficiency, and professionalism.

We serve all levels of government agencies and contractors while focusing on the specific needs of the pavement-marking industry with precision control, quality, and safety. Through the application of professional traffic markings using quality traffic paint manufactured in our factory, we are able to provide knowledge, versatility, and dependability.

Contract marking offers pavement-marking services for the center and edge lines of streets and highways, stencils/symbols, bike lanes, roundabouts, and specialty projects. Markings are applied using state-of-the-art equipment equipped with continuous data monitoring systems to ensure the accurate application of paint and glass beads. Multiple mobile fleets are available for a quick response and fast, reliable service.